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Many Uses of the Pickup Truck

November 04, 2014

Many Uses of the Pickup Truck

Vacuum Truck Slide-In Units

The pick-up truck is the staple of the American car culture. It represents the unique American maverick spirit and the hard-working attitude the USA embodies. The pick-up truck is synonymous with versatility, capable of performing a wide range of functions. On construction sites, the pick-up truck can tow equipment, carry supplies, and haul away scrap materials. It’s the perfect weekend companion, rugged enough to lug a couple of ATV's into the mountains, or for all the fun equipment necessary for a fun day at the beach.

At KeeVac Industries we can help you convert your pick-up into a sustainable business with our Slide-In Pumper Units. Our aluminum slide-in pumper units will fit into the full size bed of almost any pick-up truck. We can customize the tank to suit any needs or build it to the capacity that will fulfill your needs. Upgrades for Engines and Pumps are Available to expand your pickup truck uses.