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Outdoor Event Planning Logistics to Consider

December 10, 2014

Outdoor Event Planning Logistics to Consider

The Significance of a Porta Potty Truck

The outdoor festival: the intersection of good food, good music, good weather and good times. In a few months time, when the sun warms the ground and the air and we return to relish in the outdoors, tickets will be sold to outdoor festivals and carnivals all over the country.  While the obvious elements are easy to take heed of, such as parking, pricing, musical guests, and the like, there is one aspect that you would be remiss to overlook: the portable restroom rentals and porta potty situation. At the end of each festival it is important that your on-site facilities remain clean and well kept.

A Portable Toilet Truck

Maintaining functionable porta potties is an essential part of any successful outdoor event, be it two days or two weeks. To ensure that your attendees are well taken care of, enlist the help of the septic service truck experts at KeeVac Industries.