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Benefits of Hydro Vacuum Excavation

February 04, 2016

Benefits of Hydro Vacuum Excavation


Hydro excavation is a cutting-edge green technology that uses pressurized water to safely and surgically convert solid ground into loose soil that is quickly removed by a powerful truck mounted vacuum system on a Hydro-Excavator. This process (known as hydro excavation or HX) allows for quick, clean and precise excavations which require less backfill, less labor force, less restoration and less environmental impact than conventional drilling methods.

Hydro vacuum excavation is not the same as hydro-blasting or hydro-demolition which uses a very high pressure stream of water (up to 40,000 psi) for a range of applications from removing paint, scale and hard calcium deposits, to cutting steel. Pressures in that range can cause severe damage to human flesh, even death. By contrast, a hydro excavation truck uses a low pressure stream, which a properly trained technician can use to wash the soil away with no threat to sensitive utilities.


Due to the non-mechanical and non-destructive surgical nature of hydro vacuum excavation, many diverse applications are possible, such as:

• Location and mapping of underground utilities, fiber optics, pipelines, waterlines, gas lines

• Working within close proximity to vegetation and trees

• Trenching through utilities or landscaping

• Cleaning over or under utility services

• The ability to work in the proximity of energized services

• The ability to work in confined areas or where access for conventional excavation equipment is not possible

• Precision excavation for the placement of structures, foundations, or equipment

• Collapsed trench rescue