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What oil should I use?

March 01, 2016

What Oil Should I Use

Lubricating oil for gasoline engines has come far from the non-detergent oil that was used in the early days of engines, prior to when engines didn't have oil filters and oil was recommended to be changed every 250 miles. Detergent oil should really be called suspension oil because of the way dirt and contaminants are suspended in the oil and potentially trapped by the oil filter. 

The only advantage of non-detergent oil is it doesn't thin out at high temperatures or freeze up at low temps. Other than that the non-detergent oils are far superior in protecting your engine from sludge and rust build-up. Also the frequency of oil changes is up to 15,000 miles with a synthetic oil but that is a topic for another day. Until then make sure you use the correct recommended oil for your portable restroom or septic truck and it never hurts to change your oil before you actually need to.

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